Dear young musicians, pedagogues, parents and music lovers!

We’re glad to greet you on the website of the International Competition for Young Musicians Oskar Rieding.

The main goal of this competition is to support young musicians on their creative path.
We also want to bring them closer to the music of the renowned composer and pedagogue Oskar Rieding, who worked and composed in Celje.

We kindly welcome you!

Regulation of competition

3. International Competition for Young Musicians Oskar Rieding is open for young musicians of all nationalities. The primary goal of the competition is to support young performers on their music journey. 

There are two disciplines at the 2019 edition:


The finals will take place at the 

National Hall Celje on 24 & 25 of May 2019.

Oskar Rieding chose this idyllic city for his home after he finished his orchestral career in the Budapest’s opera house and he wrote several important violin pieces there. These pieces still make part of repertoires for young violinists all around the world. It was in Celje where the composer wrote also one of his most performed pieces of the violin pedagogic repertoire – violin concert in H minor op. 35.

The organizing committee of the competition wants to offer to young musicians a new creative platform which will support the development of young talents. In this way, we will also symbolically revive the tradition of Oskar Rieding, a pedagogue, composer and performer of his own works.

We are looking forward to meeting you,  and hearing your music! Welcome to Celje, city of Oskar Rieding.

Music is our companion throughout our life. It’s the beginning and the end. It’s a feeling and essence of many who chose it for their way of life.


Competition is open to violinists up to 15 years old of all nationalities.

Categories of the competition are:

1. category

up to 9 y.o.

2. category

from 10 to 11 y.o.

3. category

from 12 to 13 y.o.

4. category

from 14 to 15 y.o.

Detailed rules of the competition can be found HERE


The application must comprise a video performance of two music pieces with a max. of:

1. Categorymax. 10 min.

2. Category: max. 15 min.
3. Category: max. 18 min.
4. Category: max. 20 min.

The first piece is chosen by a candidate.

The second piece is an obligatory composition which is listed among pieces by O. Rieding below.

A candidate can choose one among these pieces for violin and piano:

The music scores for all pieces are available at IMSLP Petrucci Music Library at:

*Category 4: as an obligatory composition (instead/exept of listed above) candidate can choose also one or more movements from:

Matej Babnik: Sonate pour le piano-forte avec accompagnement de violon

Scores can be ordered by e-mail at the Institute of Musicology ZRC SAZU:


Jury members of the 3st International Competition for Young Musicans Oskar Rieding are:

Janez Podlesek


President of the Jury



    Anđelko Krpan




      Nora Romanoff Schwarzberg



        Inga Ulokina




          Lidija Bobić



            Natalya Likhopoy

            Natalya Likhopoy

            (Russia / Germany)

            Honorable member of the Jury


              Leonora E. Dmiterko

              Leonora E. Dmiterko


              Honorable member of the Jury


                The application deadline is until 5th May 2019.