Inga Ulokina

Born in Saint Petersburg into a musical family, she started her violin lessons at the tender age of four with her father, Igor Ulokin.

At the age of 11 she won her first award at the “Young music talents and composers” competition at the VI. Saint Petersburg International Festival of modern music.
In 2002 she received the Dean`s Award of the Zagreb Music Academy, and two years later she graduated summa cum laude in the class of Professor Goran Končar. Later she did post-graduate studies at the Brucknerkonservatorium in Linz. During her musical education she had the great honour to work also with Professor Evgenia Chugaeva and Professor Ilya Groubet.

During that time she won several national and international music competitions and gave solo performances with the Jeunesse Musicale Orchestra and the Orchestra of the Zagreb Music Academy.

From 2004 to 2006 she was a member of the Zagreb Soloists Ensemble and performed at the main European music festivals.
As an orchestral musician, she has worked on different projects with the Linzer Philharmonia, the Klassische Philharmonie Bonn, the Kammeroper in Cologne and the Croatian RTV Orchestra.

Since 2011 she has become an honorary member of the Zagreb Chamber Orchestra, and since 2014 she has also been working as a violin and chamber music teacher at Rogaška Music School.

In 2015 she won a gold award at the Internatoional competition Svirel as violin duo with Anamaria Milić.

In 2015 she has published a new didactic tool for young violinists, teaching game Happy notes. This new project has got a very positive response at the Ljubljana, Munich and Saint Petersburg Music Academies and recommendations from Arco UK ESTA Magazine and Kvinta ESTA Magazine.


Focus Weekly,
“Voice of her violin is like a nightingale singing!”